Can You Eat Syrup With Braces?

If you put syrup on pretty much anything, it will make it edible. I exaggerate, of course, but only to affirm the versatility of this sweet delight. For some, perhaps yourself, syrup is an integral part of the, shall we say, sugary treat diet. Without it, many other foods become rather plain. But would you still be able to enjoy syrup if your orthodontist decided to fit a smile-enhancing set of braces on your set of choppers? Well, let’s find out!  

So, can you eat syrup with braces? You can eat syrup whilst you have braces as it is not hard and chewy in texture. This means that you won’t be putting any excessive pressure and tension on your brackets which could cause them to pop off. It’s also relatively easy to clean off your teeth and braces, meaning you can easily avoid tooth decay. 

Great news, I’d expect.

Syrup is still on the menu!

But there are some things you will want to consider, due in part to its high sugar content and somewhat sticky nature.

As we soon shall see in the next few sections.

So keep reading.

Besides, it could result in your braces doing the trick and avoiding a telling off or two from your orthodontist in the process!

Why You Can Eat Syrup With Braces 

You can eat syrup while wearing braces because it doesn’t pose high risks of damage to braces, pain in your teeth, and tooth decay. This is down to its texture being soft. It does contain high levels of sugar and can get stuck between your brackets, but thankfully it can easily be cleaned away.

Of course, your dentist would have told you when they fitted your braces that for the next couple of years, you were going to have to watch what you eat.

But I doubt they would have had the time to cover every food on the Earth.

Instead, they might have mentioned some rules about eating candy…..or maybe they didn’t. Either way, let’s run through them quickly.

Candies and sweet treats that are hard and chewy are not suitable to eat as they place stress and pressure on our braces and teeth.

This stress and tension can cause your brackets to pop off. This means you’ll have to get your brackets refitted on your teeth. 

Does syrup abide by this rule?

Yes, it does, as it’s soft and doesn’t even require chewing!

The chances of it causing your brackets to pop off are therefore very slim.

Now, most candies and treats will get stuck in your braces. If left in your brackets, bits of candy will leave excesses of sugary bacteria, which lead to tooth decay and cavities. 

Syrup is so sticky that it clings to your brackets and teeth with ease. So has it broken this rule?

Luckily, no!

Why? Because we can clean syrup out of our brackets.

So syrup has passed the test. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful!

Why Isn’t Syrup Ideal If You Have Braces?

Syrup isn’t the ideal treat to enjoy when you have braces because it is sticky. This means it can get stuck in your braces. And because its sugar content is so high, bacteria that are left behind can cause tooth decay. 

As I’ve explained, you can eat syrup whilst you have braces. But that doesn’t make it the most ideal sugary treat to enjoy during this time.

As it is so sticky, syrup can get stuck between your brackets.

Left here, it will leave nasty sugary bacteria that cause tooth decay and, in some cases, cavities as well.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal.

Let’s face it; you can’t just freely eat syrup all the time without having to take precautions.

But what exactly are these precautions?

Best Practices When Eating Syrup With Braces

The best ways to limit the threats of tooth decay and cavities when eating syrup involve choosing brands with lower sugar contents, moderating consumption, and ensuring your teeth and brackets are thoroughly clean.

Eat In Moderation

First things first, moderation is key!

Everyone has to moderate how much syrup they eat.

After all, if you eat a certain amount in one sitting, then you may, in fact, vomit…..but that’s the least of your worries….

Brace wearers have to moderate how much sugar and syrup they consume, even more so than those who don’t wear them.

Think about it this way, the less sugar in your mouth, the less chance of tooth decay and cavities. 

Opt For Lower Sugar Brands

If you are eating syrup, then it can’t hurt to pick the brands with the lowest sugar content.

It may not taste like your favorite bottle of syrup, but again, it will definitely limit your chances of tooth decay.

Eat Around Mealtimes

Always eat syrup around meal times as this is the most suitable time to enjoy any sweet treat when you have braces.

So no glugging from the bottle as an afternoon snack!

Brush Your Teeth After

Once you have eaten some syrup, you need to get rid of any bits that have decided to stick themselves to your brackets or braces by brushing your teeth.

You mustn’t delay, as remember leaving the sugary acids there for too long will lead to tooth decay.

But you must not brush your teeth immediately. Instead, brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating so that your teeth’s enamel can return to its normal hard state after it has been softened by the sugary acids in the syrup.

Reach For The Floss

Brushing your teeth might not get the trick done on its own.

Instead, you might have to get the dental floss out.

Tie a knot in the string and carefully use this to dislodge any bits of syrup that have decided to stay in your brackets or teeth.

Better Alternatives To Syrup For Braces

The way the world is now, it seems as though the range of candy and sweet treats out there is just forever expanding.

This is excellent news for brace-wearers as it means their choice of sugary delights is not restricted too much.

So, there are many alternatives out there. 

When looking for safe alternatives, remember to look for ones that are low in sugar, soft in texture, not chewy, and not sticky.

If it is sticky, just like syrup is, make sure it is easy to clean from your teeth. If it fulfills this criteria, then you can give it the green light!

Here are a few alternatives to syrup that I recommend:

  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Chocolate Milk 
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Smoothies
  • Jell-O
  • Jelly
  • Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Stevia
  • Sucralose
  • Yacon Syrup 
  • Other Non-Sticky Sweeteners


Fortunately, you won’t have to temporarily cease your syrup eating whilst you’re wearing braces.

Its soft texture has given it a free pass.

Well, not exactly free, as you still need to make sure you clean your teeth after eating it.

But if you fancy trying something else instead, there are plenty of options!

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