Brain Licker Candy Review

In a market brimming with candy options, it’s always a refreshing experience to come across an offbeat delight like the Brain Licker Candy.

This brain-inspired candy with a touch of creativity and an unforgettable taste guarantees to give your sweet tooth a ride worth remembering.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes the Brain Licker Candy a favored choice among candy enthusiasts.

Brain Licker Candy: A Unique Treat

Brain Licker Candy comes packaged in a convenient and fun-sized bottle, perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. One of the standout features is that each bottle contains about 60 milliliters of candy, promising lasting indulgence. Plus, you don’t have to finish it all at once. The screw-on lid allows for safekeeping, making it an optimal choice for candy lovers who like to relish their treats slowly.

Opening the bottle reveals the candy’s intriguing design. It’s a playful representation of a brain on a stick, which doubles as a functional tool for consuming the candy. As you lick the brain-shaped ball, it loops over and collects a coating of the sour liquid candy, offering an explosion of flavors with every lick.

A Flavor to Remember

The flavor is where Brain Licker Candy really shines. Its delightful taste is addictive and promises an indulgent experience. The sour liquid candy adds an exciting twist, appealing to those who prefer a sweet-sour combo in their candies.

Pros and Cons


  1. Long-lasting: With about 60 milliliters per bottle, Brain Licker Candy offers long-lasting enjoyment.
  2. Convenient packaging: The screw-on lid keeps the candy well-protected and ensures it doesn’t leak, allowing you to enjoy it at your own pace.
  3. Unique design: The brain-shaped ball not only adds to the novelty but also enhances the consumption experience.
  4. Flavorful: The candy’s sour flavor profile is delightful and addictive.


  1. One-handed opening challenge: Opening the bottle with one hand could be a bit difficult due to the screw-on design.
  2. Limited appeal: The sour flavor might not be appealing to everyone’s palate.

Key Takeaways

  • Brain Licker Candy is a unique, fun-sized candy that offers long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Its creative packaging includes a screw-on lid that ensures the candy doesn’t leak.
  • The candy includes a brain-shaped ball that collects the sour liquid candy, making each lick an explosion of flavor.
  • The flavor of the candy is highly enjoyable but leans towards the sour spectrum, which might not be for everyone.

For those who love a playful twist on their candy treats and a flavor that leaves a lasting impression, the Brain Licker Candy comes highly recommended.

It’s a candy lover’s delight and a fun addition to any candy collection.

So, the next time you’re on a quest for a unique candy experience, don’t forget to include the Brain Licker Candy in your must-try list.