Best Sour Candy For Pregnancy Nausea • The 6 That Will Help! •

So you’re pregnant, or someone you know (perhaps even your partner) is pregnant. You (or they) are experiencing nausea – that totally normal yet unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. 

Well, you may be here because you heard that sour candies could help negate pregnancy-induced nausea. In short, they can. 

In fact, this is likely why you are craving them.

But let’s be honest. As with anything in life, there are always better options.

So what is to follow are my top picks that will go a long way to easing that feeling of sickness and discomfort – and will be tasty, cost-effective, and easy to get, too!

Best Sour Candy For Pregnancy Nausea

The scientific evidence is there that sour candies help with pregnancy nausea.  

So too are the accounts from many women who attest to the effectiveness of eating sour candies during this time.

These sour candies will, of course, help with normal nausea. 

So while I can confirm the effectiveness of sour candy, and I’ll explain why they are effective later, here are the top five recommendations: 

Sour Preggie Pops

Well, of course, these made it onto my list; just look at what they’re called!

Sour Preggie Pops are specifically designed for pregnant women to eat. Although please don’t feel alienated by any other soon-to-be fathers out there.

You can still enjoy these purely for their delicious tastes.

They’re completely made of natural ingredients and contain very little sugar. And yes, they are very, very effective in fighting pregnancy nausea.

After all, that’s what they are designed for. Just don’t leave them around out in the open for too long.

Otherwise, your partner might eat them all.

Seriously, that’s how good they taste!

Preggie Pop Drops Plus | 21 Drops | Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness & Nausea Relief during pregnancy | Safe for pregnant Mom & Baby | Gluten Free | Two Flavors: Lemon & Raspberry
  • Say goodbye to morning sickness and a queasy tummy ­the natural and organic way.
  • Contains powerful USDA certified organic essential oils and plant botanicals proven to relieve nausea.
  • Completely natural and drug free and 100% safe for mom and baby.
  • Each piece is individually wrapped to stay fresh and go with you anywhere.
  • Makes a wonderful gift for your wife, sister, daughter­in­law, co­worker, neighbor or any one you know touched by pregnancy.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets

Next up are another brand of candies designed specifically for pregnancy.

Now these lozenges are the real deal.

They are 100% organic, include Vitamin B6, gluten free, and are a delicious mango, ginger flavor.

We’ll get onto the abilities of ginger later.

For now, head over to Amazon and take a look at these highly-rated pregnancy candies!

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets, Organic Mango Ginger Candy with Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness Support and Occasional Motion Sickness, Pregnancy Must Haves - 30 Wrapped Drops
  • Morning sickness occurs in around 70% of pregnancies and can last months! It can strike pregnant women all day, especially in the first trimester. Add Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets to your prenatal ritual to support occasional morning sickness, motion sickness, and digestion. Available in Mango or Raspberry flavors.
  • Not just ginger candies! Organic ginger root is a superfood to help with morning sickness for pregnant women and ease pregnancy-related digestive issues, including gas and constipation. Don’t stick to Ginger Ale - level up with our sweets.
  • Morning Sickness Sweets are first-trimester pregnancy essentials; we've added vitamin B6 to our lozenges to support digestion, energy, and help break down food.
  • Vitamin B6 and ginger is the dynamic duo for your morning sickness survival kit - pop a Morning Sickness Sweet 1-4 times daily, as needed. Individually and discreetly wrapped for convenience and made without GMOs, gluten, soy, or dairy. We also offer an extensive line of Prenatals, Prenatal Probiotics, and Morning Sickness Tea.
  • Women-Owned, Women-Run! Our founder and CEO, Amy Suzanne, is a mom of six children and knows how important it is to give women products you can trust. Over 80% of our employees are women, and we create clean, trusted, and effective products for every stage of your journey. We are on a mission to provide women with hope and positively impact everyone that comes in contact with Pink Stork.

Sour Lifesavers

Lifesavers know how to make good candy. What’s more, they know how to make candy that is not only delicious but also helpful.

I’ve raved in the past about their mints, for example, for being so effective in fighting bad breath.

Today I’m talking about their sour candy line. Sour Lifesavers.

These soft and chewy gummies come in a variety of tasty fruity flavors that include strawberry, orange, cherry, and watermelon.

The sour taste certainly packs a punch as well. Once again, a very helpful candy when it comes to dealing with pregnancy nausea.

LifeSavers Gummies Candy Sours, 5 Flavors 7 oz (Pack of 3)
  • Lifesavers Gummies Sours Candy
  • More Flavors. More Fun For Your Mouth
  • 130 Calories (7% DV) Per Serving

Jolly Ranchers

One of the great candy brands of modern times is Jolly Ranchers.

Whatever line of theirs we’re talking about, they get the job done. These tasty delights will make for a great hard candy to suck on whilst you are with your child.

Guess what?

There’s plenty to choose from as well.

Jolly Ranchers are versatile, after all. Not only do they have many different candy lines, but they also have many different sour lines.

You can buy Jolly Ranchers Sour Hard candy.

Jolly Ranchers Sour Surge.

Jolly Ranchers Sour Gummies.

All of which are highly effective in combating pregnancy nausea. ‘But what makes them all so effective?’ We’ll get to all of that in a moment.

…Just carry on enjoying this top 5 list for now.

No products found.


An age-old hard candy that tastes of, well, yes, you guessed it, lemon.

From our very own US of A, we have been pumping these sour boys out of the factories in vast quantities.

Their coating is sweet to suck on, but once you’ve sucked through, you can enjoy the soft sour shell. So will your stomach.

In fact, it will be thanking you because a few of these sour delights and your nausea will be a distant memory.

You’ll definitely find that I’m not the only one praising these when it comes to pregnancy nausea cures.

Lemonhead Hard Lemon Candy, Individually Wrapped Candy (150 Count)
  • LEMONHEAD CANDY: Round & lemony-good, with that distinctive hard candy crunch, Lemonheads are the original lemon candy, made with real lemon juice.
  • PERFECT RESET: Sometimes the monotony of the day clouds your outlook, taking time to reset with a lemonhead can help you feel lighter and brighter.
  • PERFECT FOR SHARING: Lemonheads are perfect for parties or special events use them as decorations and party favors; These fantastic sweet & sour candies will be gone before you know it
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: These Lemonheads are individually packaged, making them a perfect treat to share with friends, family, and coworkers.
  • GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Whether you're filling Easter candy baskets, birthday swag bags, handing out candy to trick or treaters, or just craving a sweet treat, this classic candy is sure to please

Sour Patch Kids

You’ll hear many of your fellow pregnant women rave about these. I’m no different; I love them both in terms of taste and texture.

The sour taste is certainly more subtle than some of the other candies on here.

However, you’re still getting the crucial ingredients that will help put a stop to your pregnancy nausea.

Watermelon flavor is my personal favorite, but whatever you choose will surely be a well-earned delicious treat.

No products found.

Why Does Sour Candy Help With Pregnancy Nausea?

Sour candy helps with pregnancy nausea as they often contain lots of citric acid – an ingredient that is known to settle an upset stomach. 

The key ingredient for helping with nausea. Citric acid. 

The combination of sugar and citric acid will ease nausea and an upset stomach. 

It will also significantly aid with your digestion process which will overall contribute to a much more settled stomach.

So pop back a few of the sour candies and allow the citric acid to work its magic. In no time, you’ll feel much more relaxed with a stomach that is on its best behavior.

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Other Types Of Candy To Eat With Pregnancy Nausea

Candies with ginger in them are reported to be good for pregnancy nausea. Hard candies too!

Candies With Ginger

Yes, that’s right. Ginger will also help with pregnancy nausea.

There are plenty of types out there, including lollipops.

So if you’re not too keen on sour candies, give ginger ones a go instead.

Hard Candies

Many of the candies in my top 5 list were hard candies.

Besides from the sourness being derived from vital ingredients that help with nausea, their hard textures are a benefit as well.

How? Well, hard candies can settle your gastric juices, which will, in turn, fight back pregnancy nausea.

So mints and other hard candies are also a good choice to go for.

How Much Candy Should You Eat With Pregnancy Nausea?

You shouldn’t eat a quantity of candy that is going to take your daily intake of sugar over 7.5 teaspoons worth.

Yes, you’re pregnant. You need to eat for two, as they say. But you also need to eat healthily for yourself and your baby.

As we know, sadly, too much sugar is bad for you. The recommended maximum daily intake of sugar for adults is no more than 7.5 teaspoons. 

Whilst you’re pregnant, it might also be a good idea to try and consume even less than this.

Why? Well, unfortunately, too much sugar whilst you’re pregnant can cause you to put on a substantial amount of weight. 

Being overweight can create issues for your pregnancy and also for when it’s time to bring your child into the world.

It could also even impact the development of your baby whilst they’re inside you. So limiting sugar really is crucial when you’re pregnant.

That being said, there is certainly space for a few sour candies now and then to keep your nausea down.

All of this might take some meticulous calculating as you try to stay within the daily limits.

Just remember, don’t exceed 7.5 teaspoons worth!

When To Eat Candy With Pregnancy Nausea

The best times to eat candy with pregnancy nausea are in the morning, when you’re feeling nauseous and when your stomach is empty.

A lot of pregnancy nausea seems to hit in the morning hence why it is also referred to as morning sickness. 

Now I know that eating candy in the morning isn’t the most conventional breakfast. But in this situation, I’m giving you permission.

Wake up and suck on a few sour hard candies to get those key ingredients down into your stomach.

The sooner they’re in there, the sooner your feelings or pregnancy nausea/morning sickness will subside. 

Of course, whenever you’re feeling nauseous throughout the day, just eat a couple more sour candies if the effects are overwhelming.

So it’s handy to keep a pack of your favorite sour candy on you when you go out.

Having an empty stomach can also contribute to nausea. I know I start to feel it quite a lot when I’m hungry.

So if you notice you do have an empty stomach, stock it up with a few sour candies.

Luckily you’re not eating an entire meal when you eat one piece of sour candy. So it will quickly be digested, which is good because the sooner it does, the better you’ll feel.

So sour candies are a relatively quick fix for your nausea.


I wish you all the best with your’s or your partner’s remaining pregnancy term.

Morning sickness is not enjoyable at all. But it’s one of the prices we pay to start a wonderful family. 

There are many ways to help cope with morning sickness.

Luckily for the candy-loving pregnant women out there, candy can be your savior. Temporarily.

Sour candies are fantastic, as we’ve learned, due to their high citric acid content.

Ginger and hard candies are great too.

Just remember not to overindulge!

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