Best Candy To Eat When High • 5 Of The Best To Go For! •

‘Hey man, you got any of that good stuff?’ I sure do, my little stoner friend. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Because I know all about candy, and you, it would seem, are high.

You’ve come here wanting to know the best candy to enjoy when you’re high. Candy is delicious anyway, doing things to our taste buds no other food type can.

But after you’ve smoked a joint, eating candy miraculously seems to become even more enjoyable.

So keep those hazy eyes of yours open for a little while longer; we’re going to take a trip!

And by that, I don’t mean another joint, so put those rolling papers down. Instead, we’re going to find out about the best candy to eat when you’re high and why it tastes so darn good!

Best Candy To Eat When High

Getting the right candy in for your smoking session is vital to ensuring you get to make the most of your high. Find what works best for you. 

My personal top 5 favorites list is below. See if you can spot any you think you might enjoy post-joint!

Original Starbursts

I normally make these lists in no particular order, but today I’m breaking that trend.

Original Starbursts are, without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite candy to enjoy when high.

Created by The Wrigley Company many years ago, Starbursts come in so many tantalizing flavors.

You place one of these on your tongue after a joint, and you’ll be rocketed to another level of taste sensation!

Yes, they do come in those paper wrappers, but guess what? They’re still number one on my list. Unraveling those bad boys is worth it every time!

STARBURST Original Fruit Chews Chewy Summer Candy Sharing Size Bag, 15.6oz
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  • This resealable sharing size bag of individually wrapped fruit candy makes it easy to pack up STARBURST fruit chews with your beach accessories, camping essentials and road trip snacks
  • Stock up on the sweetest compliment to your summer plans and add STARBURST Fruit Chews to your shopping list for pick up, curbside, or delivery today


Our first chocolate addition is Snickers.

One of the greatest chocolate bar brands of all time; it’s no wonder it made it onto my top 5 list.

Snickers combine caramel, peanuts, and chocolate to create a candy every stoner has to try for at least one high.

Your taste buds will be begging you for more Snickers, whilst your teeth will be thanking you for setting them a comfortable yet enjoyable task of chewing through this exquisite chocolate bar.

SNICKERS Original, Peanut Butter & Almond Bulk Variety Pack Fun Size Chocolate Candy Bar Assortment, 44.5 oz, 60 Pieces Bag
  • Contains one (1) 44.5-ounce 60-piece bag of SNICKERS Original, Crunchy Peanut Butter, & Almond Fun Size chocolate bars variety pack
  • SNICKERS Original candy, packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel covered in milk chocolate, handles your hunger so you can handle things that don't relate to hunger at all
  • SNICKERS Crunchy Peanut Butter combines crunchy peanut butter, roasted peanuts, chewy caramel and fluffy nougat together to make a treat worthy of tackling hunger anytime
  • SNICKERS Almond candy is the perfect combination of almonds, caramel, nougat and milk chocolate to both satisfy and conquer hunger
  • Fill lots of Halloween Trick-or-Treat bags, Easter basket gifts, or Christmas stocking stuffers with this bulk 60 piece individually wrapped milk chocolate candy assortment

Haribo Gummy Bears

These little terrors seem to get on every list, and for good reason. They’re easy to eat and amazingly fruity in flavor.

Other gummy bear brands will do the trick. After all, most things have their flavor enhanced by Cannabis.

For me, you just can’t beat the market-leading brand’s selection of tasty gummy bears.

What’s also great about Haribo Gummy Bears is that you won’t overindulge…as long as you don’t have an addiction problem.

They come in those serving packs, which are the perfect size for satisfying your munchies. 

No products found.

Sour Patch Kids

Now it’s time for the only sour candy addition on the list.

That’s not to say there aren’t many great sour candies out there to enjoy when you’re high. There are plenty of them.

For me, the best one you can find is Sour Patch Kids.

No matter what flavor you go for, you’ll be in for a pleasant shock when your taste buds experience these treasures.

Sour Patch Kids Big Individually Wrapped Soft & Chewy Candy, 240 Count Box
  • One 240 count package of SOUR PATCH KIDS Big Individually Wrapped Soft & Chewy Candy
  • SOUR THEN SWEET assorted candy in various fruit flavors
  • Soft and chewy candy is a fat free food that's two times bigger than the original
  • Bagged candy that's perfect for snacking on after lunch or at the movies
  • Individually wrapped candy great for party favors and holiday treats

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My apologies to those with allergies, as I’m afraid another addition to my list possesses nuts.

But I just can’t go on without mentioning Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Many consider Reese’s the most universally popular candy brand, so it’s no wonder their candy Butter Cups taste O-mazing when you’re high.

REESE'S Miniatures Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Party Pack, 35.6 oz
  • Contains one (1) 35.6-ounce bulk party pack of REESE'S Miniatures Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Candy
  • Enjoy smooth peanut butter and rich milk chocolate treats during road trips, friend gatherings and nights at home with the family
  • Kosher, gluten free and individually wrapped REESE'S Miniatures milk chocolate peanut butter cups in a bulk candy bag big enough to share with everyone
  • Use REESE'S candy for filling birthday gift bags and school lunch boxes or bridal and baby shower candy dishes
  • Bite into the timeless taste of milk chocolate and peanut butter shrunk to a miniature size when you need the perfect Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or Halloween candy

Why Do I Want Candy When I’m High?

You want to eat candy when you’re high because you have what’s known as ‘the munchies.’ This process, which is, in fact, scientific, occurs after smoking Cannabis.

Don’t panic. Please, don’t panic.

Those overwhelming cravings you’re getting to eat a whole jar of candy are perfectly normal.

These cravings are known as the munchies, and you get them almost always after smoking a bit of what I like to call the devil’s lettuce.

The munchies make you want to eat, eat and eat.

But why exactly?

Let’s take a look at the science involved.

Cannabis has been found in various studies to render certain neurons in the brain ‘more excitable.’

Specifically, it inhibits a hormone called leptin, which suppresses your appetite. In other words, it stops you from craving to eat when you don’t need to.

So, when you smoke a joint, your appetite is no longer suppressed, meaning you’ll want to eat.

Now, it has been found that Cannabis also interacts with your taste receptors to the point where sweet flavors are enhanced.

So not only do you crave food with your appetite now unsuppressed, but you also crave sugary foods. CANDY!

To summarise that all up, let’s go through the process.

You’ve just lit up a big fatty. 

Once the Cannabis is in your system, 2 things happen regarding the munchies.

Firstly, your appetite turns ravenous as your appetite is no longer suppressed. So you get hungry.

Secondly, your taste receptors are enhanced, meaning you want tasty foods like candy!

Hopefully, this helps you understand the process of the munchies.

Maybe next time you decide to get baked, you’ll come prepared with an abundance of candy to satisfy those cravings.

What Type Of Candy Is Best To Eat When High?

The type of candy that is best to eat when high is that which is easy to eat and tastes amazing.

You’ve paid your hard-earned money for that high you’re enjoying or going to enjoy later. 

You want to make the most of the effects.

That means you’ll want to eat candy that comes with an enhanced flavor when you’re stoned. You want those taste buds to be popping. You want a life-changing experience.

So go and get it! Eat the tastiest candy and satisfy your munchies.

In my opinion, fruity candies are best. 

Chocolate is good; milk chocolate is the best. 

However, I do think the sugary, colorful candy types have the edge. 

Some flavors become perhaps too enhanced when you’re stoned. For example, licorice is already strong enough when you’re sober.

So it may be too much for you when you’re high…unless you’re a hardcore licorice lover, of course.

When you’ve got the taste right, you also will need the texture right.

Candies that are soft, gooey, and easily chewable are perfect as they don’t require too much effort to get through.

And let’s face it, you don’t want to do anything that requires a great deal of effort when you’re high.

What Candy You Will Want To Avoid When High

You want to avoid candy that is tough to eat as you’re looking for a nice easy ride down sugar lane.

You can’t really go too wrong in terms of taste, as everything tastes better when you’re high.

That being said, there are definitely some candies that experience a more enhanced flavor than others when high.

The issue you’re facing is what candy textures you should avoid when you’re high.

Candies that are hard and chewy and that take an age to get through probably aren’t the most ideal.

When you’re stoned, you want to relax. So it’s probably best not to sit there with your teeth battling it out against a piece of candy that requires a lot of effort.

Then again, maybe you can’t resist those hard and chewy candies. Maybe that’s how you want to spend your high.

But I believe you can enjoy a much smoother high with a candy that is very easy to get through whilst being amazing in taste as well.

Here is a couple of example candies that I don’t think are too enjoyable when you’re up in the clouds!


I normally love Butterfingers. They are delicious. They’re also delicious when they’re high. But then again, most things are. 

The problem I have with Butterfingers as a piece of candy to enjoy when you’re stoned is their texture.

Specifically the fact that they get stuck in your teeth. 

Who wants to be sat on the sofa, high as a kite, with Butterfingers all stuck up in their gob?

You do?! Alright, each to their own, I guess.

Banana Runts

I don’t mind a Banana Runt. People seem to give them a lot of unnecessary stick.

To be fair, I’m about to give them some stick now.

Banana Runts, in my opinion, aren’t a good candy for when you’re high because their flavor isn’t enhanced substantially, and they’re a pain to get through.

There, I said it.


Have you made it to the end of the article? Or has the weed taken you into a deep sleep?

I guess I won’t know.

If you are still here, I say to you enjoy!

Candy is amazing when you’re high.

After that joint, you’ll have plenty of appetite for it…

…So it’s probably best to go a little easy.

After all, you don’t want to eat so much candy that you’re experiencing a sugar rush when you originally stopped by to get high!

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