Best Candy For Weight Watchers • The 5 You Can Eat & How •

Embarking on a Weight Watchers journey is an admirable one. After all, no matter how much we may love candy, we should always take care of our health first. Maybe you’re currently on your Weight Watchers journey, and you’re looking to find out what candy you can still enjoy. Or maybe you’re considering starting Weight Watchers and are curious about whether you would have it in you to do if some candy was allowed.

Well, whatever your situation, I’m hoping that after today, you will have found plenty of encouragement to carry on with or start your Weight Watchers journey…whilst still digging into the odd candy bar now and then.

Best Candy For Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers guide you through your journey with them using a points system. Each piece of food out there will be given a point ranking based on its calorie and sugar content. The lower the point score of a particular piece of food, or in this case, candy, the better. This is because you have a maximum daily point score not to exceed.

We’ll talk more about that later. For now, I’m going to give you my top 5 list of candy to eat on weight watchers. 

The criteria I based this list on were the appropriateness of the point score for each candy bar and how tasty and enjoyable a piece of candy actually is.

Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

For me, Jolly Rancher Hard Candy is Hershey’s best line so far. This wrapped candy that comes in a variety of flavors is bound to stimulate your taste buds.

But what are the figures?

Well, whilst you’re on Weight Watchers, you’re obviously not going to be able to devour a whole bag of these delights.

In fact, each Jolly Rancher Hard Candy you eat equals one point on the Weight Watchers scoring system.

It’s pretty simple.

You eat 3 pieces; you take 3 points of your daily allotted score.

You eat 100 bits, well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Great tasting candy at a reasonable point score!

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Airhead Candy Bars

Candy should normally just be a snack unless you’re planning on a big session of indulgence, which I don’t normally advise.

But overall, it’s just about having a treat snack to keep you going until your next meal.

Airhead Candy Bars are the perfect candy snack, even when you’re on Weight Watchers.

They come in a variety of tangy flavors and colors for all to enjoy.

One bar equals three points. If you eat two in a day, then, of course, that’s six points.

So Airhead Candy Bars are a nice snack candy to enjoy whilst still adhering to your daily allotted points score.

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Twizzlers Cherry Bite Size Pieces

We’re going to be increasing the point scores from now on, starting with Twizzlers.

A licorice candy enjoyed by many normal in the form of long sticks, Twizzlers have adapted their original candy to become these delicious bite-size snacks.

Cherry flavored, of course, a handful of these will be enough to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

At the same time, you’ll also avoid eating too much, and please pardon the pun on that daily score.

So, how many Twizzler Cherry Bite Size Pieces should be in that handful you decide to enjoy? 13 pieces equals 5 Weight Watcher points.

That’s plenty if you ask me, although 5 points is a substantial amount to subtract. 

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Haribo Gummy Bears

A fan favorite for years now, Haribo Gummy Bears thrive on being the best of their kind in the candy market.

Their easily enjoyable fruity flavors make them die for, but they do not make them worth wasting your whole daily Weight Watchers score on them. How many could one get away with eating in a day?

Well, 17 Haribo Gummy Bears equals 6 Weight Watchers points.

When I say 17, I don’t mean 17 bags. I mean 17 individual pieces.

Effectively 17 gummy bears. Choose your flavors wisely.

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The final candy on today’s list is Skittles. Another fantastic multi-colored and multi-flavored.

Skittles are produced by The Wrigley Company, which is famous for the production of many great candies in the market.

For me, they’re better than Willy Wonka. Skittles are evidence of that. For such a small piece of candy, the amount of vibrant flavor one of these bad boys can produce is unbelievable.

36 pieces, yes you heard that right, 36 Skittles pieces equal 6 Weight Watchers points.

Not a bad deal, hey?

You could, of course, half that amount to half the points. So 18 Skittles would equal 3 Weight Watchers points.

Plenty of calculations to play with on this one.

What Type Of Candy Is Best For Weight Watchers? 

The Candy that is best for Weight Watchers is that which is low in calories and low in sugar. You also don’t want candy that is going to further stimulate your appetite.

Low Calories

Every food you eat contains calories. Vegetables and fruit contain the least amount of calories whilst candy contains the most. You would therefore think that candy is a big no-no when it comes to Weight Watchers. 

Fortunately, that’s not necessarily true. You’re going to have to limit the amount of candy you eat, of course, but you can enjoy some within reason.

You can completely abstain from eating candy but still exceed your daily points score with other food types. 

The problem with candy is that it costs so many Weight Watchers points for such a quick snack. 

One of the main reasons candy gets such high pint scores with Weight Watchers is down to this high-calorie content.

The more calories you eat, the more weight you’re going to put on. This means you’re going to struggle with your progress on Weight Watchers.

As candy has such a high-calorie content, it’s given such high scores. 

Candy that is lower in calories will therefore be given a lower Weight Watchers point score. So this is one key element you should be looking for in a piece of candy: low-calorie content.

Size obviously plays a factor. Most of the time, the larger a piece of candy the more calories it will have in it. So best to look at purchasing the mini versions of particular candy bars.

Low Sugar

The other key element to look out for is sugar content. High sugar often means high calories.

Ultimately too much sugar is bad for you and can lead to weight gain. It also causes the third issue, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

So you will need to find candies that have not only low-calorie content but also low sugar content. The two normally go hand in hand.

It’s all about keeping those points down. Sadly, the higher a candies sugar content, the more points Weight Watchers will give it.

Low Sugar Content + Low-Calorie Content = Ideal Low Scoring Candy

Doesn’t Stimulate Your Appetite

The final thing you need to look for is a piece of candy’s ability to stimulate your appetite, or in this case, a lack of ability. 

You don’t want to eat candy that’s going to make you want to eat more and more.

After all, the more candy you end up eating, the more points you’ll rack up, which means the less progress you’ll make.

This is where high sugar content becomes a problem. Sugar is addictive. It’s why we crave candy. It’s why we have sweet tooths. 

Therefore, if you eat a candy bar with a really high sugar content, then it’s going to make you want to eat more and more. 

We’ve all been there. We tell ourselves that we can just enjoy one piece of candy. Before the clock strikes the next hour, the whole pack is gone. 

So be careful with those high-sugar candies. They’ll stimulate your appetite to eat more. Before you know it, you’ll have fallen down the sugar whole.

How Much Candy Can You Eat On Weight Watchers?

You can eat as much candy as the rest of your diet allows. By that, I mean how many daily Weight Watchers points you have left over after you’ve eaten your normal meals.

Whatever you may tell yourself, you can’t survive on candy alone.

You, therefore, cannot spend your entire daily points score on candy. You need to get proper nutrients from elsewhere. 

Don’t try and budget with your points; just eat healthily, then spend whatever is left over on any candy you want.

After all, you’re on Weight Watchers to lose weight but also to become more healthy. A diet of candy is not healthy, even if it fits within your daily points score.

So when it comes to deciding how much candy you can eat on Weight Watchers, it may vary day by day. What you need to do is make the calculations. 

If at the end of the day you have 6 points left, then enjoy some Skittles or Haribo Gummy Bears in the quantities I specified in my top 5 list. 

However many points you have left to spend, spend them based on research. Look up the point score of a particular candy you are planning on enjoying. 

Of course, you don’t have to spend all your points. Any leftover would only be beneficial.

How many points do you get on Weight Watchers? It is probably something you’ve been wondering about up until now.

The average person on Weight Watchers is assigned 30 points to spend daily. So yes, that gives you an idea of how many points candy can take up.

What Candy To Avoid Eating On Weight Watchers?

Candy that is high in calories and sugar and is also addictive.

Basically, we want the opposite of what we were looking for earlier when we examined what makes a suitable candy for Weight Watchers.

Sadly, so many of the best candies out there are given such a high score on Weight Watchers that it’s just not practical to eat them during this time.

I’ll give you an example.

Snickers. A major candy that is loved by so many people around the world. 

Are you ready for this? Are you sure?

A full-size Snickers bar is worth a whopping 12 points on Weight Watchers. That’s nearly half of your daily allowance. 

If you eat candies that are scored highly by Weight Watchers, then you’re just never going to see the progress you want whilst on the program. 

So high calories and high sugar content lead to a high Weight Watchers points score.

There are plenty of online Weight Watchers point guides to refer to when checking whether a piece of candy is suitable for eating right now.

12 points are too much.

10 probably is as well.

6 is good, and 8 is doable. Ultimately, it’s your choice. 


Hopefully, you have taken much encouragement from today’s article.

You can still enjoy candy whilst you’re on Weight Watchers…but only some…and only in small quantities. 

It’s the price you pay to succeed whilst on the Weight Watchers program.

However, I think savoring a couple of points worth of candy each day is a nice reward for the good work you’re doing with the rest of your diet.

Good luck!