Best Candy For Bad Breath • 5 You Need To Try! •

Bad breath is nothing to be shamed out. Everyone gets it, especially in the mornings, it would seem. It’s not a good situation for anyone who’s involved. It’s bad for you if you’re the one who’s got the bad breath, for obvious reasons. And it’s bad for you if you’re the one talking to the person with bad breath, for obvious reasons.

But bad breath isn’t set in stone. There are plenty of ways to prevent it.

One of the solutions does, in fact, involve candy.

I guess this was hardly a surprise, seeing you ran your search and landed here today.

Today we’re going to find out all about the best candy for bad breath.

So don’t drink that mouthwash just yet; there might be a more enjoyable solution to be had below!

Best Candy For Bad Breath

A top 5 list. Boy, do I love them. Today’s is going to be all about the best candy for fighting bad breath. 

We’ll talk more later about how bad breath occurs and why some candies are good or bad for it. For now, take a look at my top 5 list of candies that are great for bad breath.

Please note that all of these candies can be purchased on Amazon, which is my go-to site for candy purchases!

Breath Savers Sugar-Free Mints

Let’s get something out of the way early on. These candies will be primarily mint-based.

Mint is good for combating bad breath, and we’ll talk about why later on. For now, this is the first candy on the list: Breath Savers Sugar-Free Mints.

They are a tasty treat to enjoy but more importantly, in this situation, they combat bad breath by replacing it with a minty smell.

They’re also sugar-free, which is a massive bonus, as we’ll learn a bit later on that sugar is a problem when it comes to bad breath.

These mints are very convenient for carrying around with you, especially if you’re at work.

BREATH SAVERS Peppermint Sugar Free Breath Mints Rolls, 0.75 oz (24 Count)
  • Contains two (2) 9-ounce, 12-roll packs of BREATH SAVERS Peppermint Sugar Free Breath Mints
  • Revitalizing peppermint flavored bulk mints you can keep in your car, briefcase, candy dish or desk drawer
  • Sugar free mints in individually wrapped rolls for on-the-go convenience
  • Keep your breath fresh with peppermint mints at birthday parties, graduation celebrations, wedding receptions, back-to-school preparation and all the little moments in between
  • Feel fresh throughout the entire day with BREATH SAVERS peppermint mints by your side as you create the best Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter candy selections

Mentos Clean Breath

A renowned brand in the mint world is, of course, Mentos. Why specifically Clean Breath?

Well, these mints are sugar-free, unlike the original mentos that contain 2 grams of sugar each.

I’d recommend these mints to someone who likes minty flavors as they are quite strong.

As such, you can count on them to get the job done due to the fact that they contain something green tea extract, a very useful ingredient for combating bad breath.

Mentos Clean Breath Hard Mints Sugar Free Candy, Peppermint, (Pack of 12)
  • CONTAINS: Bulk box includes 12 slim and pocket friendly packs of Mentos CleanBreath
  • POWERFUL: Peppermint Flavor, Sugar-Free
  • FRESHNESS: Refreshing green tea extract provides 30 minutes of fresh breath.
  • FREE OF: Sugar-Free Candy
  • SHAREABLE: Durable pocket friendly package is great for on the go and makes sharing easy.

Sugar-Free Life Savers

Not Breath Savers, these are Life Savers, although they still combat bad breath!

Sugar-free, of course, which always helps with bad breath, Life Savers are a fun mint with that circular hole shape that is very common in the mint world.

Go easy on Life Savers, as too many of them certainly won’t save your stomach any trouble.

But once you’ve tasted them, it will be difficult to remember my previous sentence!

LIFE SAVERS Pep-O-Mint Breath Mints Hard Candy, 2.75 oz Bag (Pack of 12)
  • Contains twelve (12) LIFE SAVERS Sugar Free Pep O Mint 2.75-ounce bags
  • The sugar-free version of the original LIFE SAVERS Pep O Mint flavor is still as sweet and refreshing as ever.
  • Hard-candy mints with a hole in the middle.
  • Great to keep around the office; in the breakroom, at the reception desk, or to share with coworkers.
  • Mint hard candies with a refreshing taste.

Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints

Tea, especially green tea, is a very good remedy for bad breath.

So it’s no wonder a brand of mints that contains green tea and matcha is effective in stopping bad breath as well.

They come in a variety of delicious flavors, including tropical mango, Moroccan mint, Bombay chai, cherry blossom, and pink dragon fruit.

The minty flavor isn’t overpowering, but that doesn’t take anything away from the overall taste.

A fantastically delicious bad breath fighting mint!

SEN CHA Naturals Green Tea Mints, Sugar-Free Breath Mints, Made With Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan & Keto-Friendly Mints, Moroccan Mint, 1.2oz (1 Pack)
  • Functional Benefits; Unlike other mints that simply mask bad breath with a minty sensation, our mints contain organic Japanese matcha green tea extracts that naturally inhibit the roots causes of bad breath.
  • Sugar-Free Breath Mints; Fight dragon breath like a samurai warrior! Using both sorbitol and xylitol (known for their anti-plaque benefits), our green tea mints are guilt-free, sugar-free, and delicious.
  • Matcha Infused; Conquer bad breath naturally with our matcha green tea mints. Infused with organic matcha, our mints go beyond refreshing breath with natural antioxidants to provide an easy-to-use wellness boost!
  • Moroccan Mint Flavor; The fresh-cut flavors of cooling peppermint and organic matcha fight dragon breath like nothing else. Made with our Organic Everyday matcha to help stop bad breath at its source.
  • SEN CHA Naturals; Our mission is making green tea a fun and easy part of your daily routine. Whether you'd rather eat or drink your antioxidants, we believe in getting your green tea fix any way you feel like.

Altoid Smalls Breath Mints

Today’s final candy is, yes, you guessed it, another brand of mints.

These mints replace sugar with sorbitol in order to ensure they are best equipped to fight bad breath.

Their flavors include Peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, and spearmint.

Don’t be deceived by their size; these mints are strong, and they’ll make sure any bad breath in your mouth is vacated from the premises. 

ALTOIDS Smalls Wintergreen Breath Mints Sugar Free Hard Candy Bulk, 0.37 oz Tin (Pack of 9)
  • Package includes 9 individual packs, 0.37 ounces each.
  • Comes in a convenient tin small enough to take wherever you go.
  • Freshen up with a curiously cool wintergreen flavor.
  • Sugarfree gives you all of the mint with none of the sugar.
  • These curiously tiny mints give you a big boost of confidence when you need it.

What Types Of Candy Are Best For Bad Breath?

The best types of candy for bad breath are those that are low in sugar, contain mint, generate saliva, and don’t stick to your tongue.

That’s quite a lot to be looking for in a bad-breath-fighting candy. So let’s delve into each characteristic one by one. 

Low in Sugar

Clearly, this is a big issue.

After all, sugar makes so many great candies taste, well, great.

Unfortunately, sugar can be one of the big causes of bad breath, as it feeds the bacteria in your mouth that produce awful smells.

We’ll talk a bit more about that later.

So, now you know that sugar can cause and worsen bad breath, it makes sense that you should avoid candies that are high in sugar.

Sadly that knocks a few great-tasting brands out straight away.

There are plenty of low-sugar candies to enjoy, which I would advise you stick to if looking to avoid bad breath.

The less sugar for the bacteria to feast on, the less bad breath they will produce.

Contains Mint

Mint smells good. As you’ll have noticed, the top 5 list today was filled with mint candies.

Mint is good because it smells good, but it’s also quite strong.

It can therefore mask any bad breath you have. However, it won’t be a long-term solution.

With that being said, many minty products are fully aware that people eat them to fight bad breath.

So you’ll find that these days they’ve evolved to be even better when it comes to stopping bad breath.

Many minty candies, like gum and mints, will contain xylitol which has been reported to fight bad breath! 

Generate Saliva

Saliva in your mouth will help rid your mouth of bacteria.

That’s why our mouths produce it in the first place.

So if you want to fight bad breath, it makes sense to produce lots of saliva.

Chewing gum is great for this, as the more you chew, the more saliva you produce. Just make sure to get a low sugar or sugar-free gum.

Doesn’t Get Stuck On Your Tongue

You know how I said that sugar in your mouth will feed bacteria? Yeah, that’s true.

So you don’t want to let sugar stay in your mouth long enough for the bacteria to feed on it.

Sure, you might brush your teeth afterward, but a lot of sugar will accumulate on your tongue.

So try to avoid sticky candies that will decide to leave sugar on your tongue. Take a nap so that the bacteria can feed on it!

What Candy Doesn’t Help With Bad Breath?

Candy that is high in sugar and will stick on your tongue is bad for bad breath.

Bad breath can often be caused when you eat a particularly strong taste and smell.

Whatever piece of pungent food you eat, your breath will most likely smell like that for the rest of the day if it isn’t dealt with.

But candy isn’t normally very pungent when you compare it with something like garlic. So surely candy isn’t a problem when it comes to bad breath?

Well, unfortunately, it still is. Because the type of bad breath we’re talking about today isn’t caused by food being overly strong in terms of taste and smell.

The bad breath we’re talking about is the more common bad breath. Generic bad breath that doesn’t smell like a particular food. Instead, it just smells bad.

What causes this type of bad breath? BACTERIA!

Yes, a buildup of bacteria inside your mouth and throat is what will cause bad breath.

And let me tell you something shocking if you don’t already know, sugar doesn’t just feed you; it feeds bacteria in your mouth.

That’s right. When you put sugar in your mouth, the bacteria already inside will interact with it. Thus causing bad breath. 

The interaction between bacteria and sugar causes bad breath because the process produces sulfur compounds that result in what is known as halitosis. This is an oral problem of which the main symptom is bad breath.

So, in other words, the more well-fed your bacteria is with sugar, the more of a disgusting smell it will generate from its place in your mouth.

And bacteria loves sugar, trust me! The more they eat, the more they’ll grow, and the more they’ll smell.

This is the same reason you don’t want candy that sticks to your tongue. If it sticks on your tongue, you’re just making things a lot easier for the bacteria in there.

So keep as much sugar out of your mouth as possible. That means cleaning your teeth and flossing after enjoying a sugary treat isn’t such a bad idea. 

Don’t neglect your tongue either. Give that slippery guy a clean too.

Other Foods That Are Good For Bad Breath

There are plenty of other non-candy foods that are good for dealing with bad breath. Some of which may surprise you.

Let’s go through some.


Black tea is great for fighting bad breath because it possesses compounds that prevent smelly bacteria from growing.

Green tea is also good as it contains natural antioxidants that fight bad breath bacteria. 


Of course, water is good for everything. It’s no surprise it helps out with bad breath.

Dehydration can actually cause bad breath as it means your mouth is dry.

If your mouth is dry, with very little saliva around to aid it, smelly bacteria will accumulate here.

So, it’s pretty simple. If you want to avoid this form of bad breath, drink plenty of water. 


I bet you’re surprised with this one. So you should be.

After all, cheese is smelly. But cheese can actually fight any bad breath by neutralizing acidic foods that may have gotten stuck in your teeth.

Crunchy Foods (Especially Fruit & Vegetables)

Food that gets stuck in your mouth will feed the bacteria in there, thus, as we know, giving strength to the creation of bad breath.

If you eat crunchy foods, then the toughness of them will help get rid of other leftover bits of food in your mouth.

At the same time, crunchy fruit and vegetables will help generate more saliva. Salvia is great in this situation as it helps clean out smelly bacteria that are in your mouth.

Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotics are good bacterias that can fight the bad bacterias that create bad breath. So it’s a no-brainer, really!


There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone gets bad breath.

Especially us big candy eaters. 

Many candies will help you combat bad breath.

However, these candies are outnumbered by the candies that will give you bad breath!

Sugar. That’s the issue here.

We all love to taste it. 

But we shouldn’t let it stay in our mouths for too long…

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