Best Asian Candy • The 5 You Need To Buy & Try! •

Candy is universal. Humans enjoy it across the globe, especially in Asia. So it’s no surprise that the countries of this vast continent have been contributing to the world’s portfolio of delicious candy.

Maybe you’re a Western candy veteran who is looking to broaden your horizons by exploring another continent. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to be taking a little trip over to Asia to explore their candy.

Sadly, it won’t be an actual trip on a plane to Asia, although I am keen if you’re paying.

Instead, we’re going to be embarking on this journey here in this article. So put your seatbelt on; it’s time to see the Asian candy world!

Best Asian Candy

There are plenty of options, just like there are in the West.

Narrowing it down to 5 of my favorites is pretty tricky; nevertheless, I’ve managed to do it.

Please note that all of these candies can be bought online at Amazon.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 Asian candy brands.

Green Tea Kit Kats

If you didn’t know about Green Tea Kit Kits, take a seat right now, as I’m sure this must be a shock for you.

No, you have heard me correctly. Green Tea Kit Kas. Now, some of you might be very excited by the idea of this candy.

Others of you may be repulsed or indifferent towards it. Let me assure you that all of you will love green Tea Kit Kats.

The green tea flavor isn’t overpowering, meaning that the creamy and crunchy texture could deliver a bar of delicious chocolate to your mouth.

The Japanese really got this one right.

Haw Flakes

What on earth are Haw Flakes? I’ll tell you what they are, my Asian candy, curious little friend.

Haw Flakes can be described as pink discs that possess a sweet, tart flavor.

Upon being placed on your tongue, a Haw Flake will melt, providing you with a unique candy-devouring experience.

They are made from Chinese hawthorn, which is a red fruit found there.

Deliciously fascinating and a candy experience that will leave you calling yourself well-candy-traveled.

Haw Flakes, Chinese Sweets Made From the Fruit of the Chinese Hawthorn (Pack of 4)
  • 4 packages of Haw Flakes. (10 rolls in each package)
  • Chinese sweets made from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn.
  • Haw flakes are paper-thin wafers.
  • Traditional chinese candy.

Hi-Chew and Hi-Chew Premium

This won’t be the first time I mention Hi-Chew in this article. It’s effectively the Starburst of Japan.

A soft and chewy fruit candy, Hi-Chew comes in a variety of flavors, including the immensely popular grape flavor.

Their Hi-Chew premium candy is infused with real fruit juice.

So if you buy a bag of Hi-Chew premium grape flavored candy, it will be infused with natural grape juice.

White Rabbit

Just like Hi-Chew, we’ll be mentioning White Rabbit again later.

Shaped like Tootsie Rolls with a milky taste, White Rabbit is a soft and chewy candy. If I could compare it to a Western candy, I would say it’s fairly similar to the Taffy.

What’s quite extraordinary about White Rabbit is that the wrapping paper each one comes in is, in fact, edible.

These wraps are made from sticky rice, and they are supposed to be eaten together with the White Rabbit candy, although the option is there to eat them separately.

Flavor-wise, they have their original vanilla, chocolate, coffee, peanut, lychee, toffee, strawberry, coconut, yogurt, matcha, mango, AND MORE!

White Rabbit Creamy Candy 6.3 Oz (180 Gram)
  • White Rabbit Creamy Candy
  • Size: 6.3 oz (180 gram) x 1 bag
  • Allergen Information: Contains Milk

Botan Rice Candy

Another delicious candy from Japan.

Botan Rice Candy does not disappoint, from the moment you admire the cartoonish design on its box, which is very, very typically Japanese, to the moment it lands on your tongue.

Its gummies are soft, chewy, and brilliantly fruity in taste.

Like White Rabbit, Botan Rice candy comes in edible rice paper.

To top it off, each box of Botan Rice Candy comes with a collectible sticker. What a way to take you back to your childhood!

Botan Ame Rice Candy, 0.75 Ounce (Pack of 20), Package May Vary
  • Citrus flavored soft candy.
  • Wrapped with edible rice paper.
  • Comes with sticker inside.
  • Product of Japan.

What Is The Most Poplar Candy In Asia?

The most popular candy varies between different countries in Asia. At the same time, many of the big Western candy brands are adored in Asia. Cadbury’s, Ferrero Rochers, Hershey’s, Mentos, Kit Kat, M&M’s, and Crunch are loved and eaten in vast quantities by candy lovers in Asia.

Most countries in Asia produce their very own candy, much of which is delicious.

The candy brands we are most familiar with, them being the ones produced in Europe and North America, also have a big market share in Asia.

When it comes to working on what the most popular candy is in Asia, it’s quite difficult to do. This is because Asia is such a big place. 

We can break our analysis down by looking at what the most popular candy is in individual nations.

So let’s take a look at the most popular candies in Japan, China, India, and South Korea.


In Japan, the best-selling candy is called Hi-Chew.

Remember that one I mentioned in my top 5 list?

Yep. It’s also the most popular in Japan, its country of origin.

Japan is a country that excels through technological innovation. It’s no wonder their most popular candy is a brand that embraces this ethos.

This is demonstrated in the development of their premium range, where they infuse the candy with natural flavors. Now that’s is candy innovation.


Over to the subcontinent now, in India.

Now not a lot of candy Indian candy is popular in the West as, say, Japanese or Chinese candy.

That is not to say they’re not producing anything tasty or interesting. They certainly are, as there are many hidden candy gems in India.

The most popular and largest candy brand manufacturer in India is called Parle.

Their wide variety of candy products is famous throughout India. Notable mentions include Kaccha Mango Bites, Londonderry, and Kismi.


We’re headed back eastward now to find out what the most popular candy in China is.

It is, in fact, another candy I mentioned earlier called White Rabbit.

This immensely tasty and enjoyable candy is arguable the most popular Asian candy sold in the West. I think that comes down to its impressive collection of flavors.

The edible rice paper is a bonus that we Westerners view as a novelty as well.

South Korea

Our final stop on this tour of Asian candy is South Korea. The South Koreans love their chocolate. 

Two of the most popular candies there are chocolate based.

The first is Orion ChocoPie. These delights consist of two biscuits stuck together by a marshmallow and then coated in chocolate.

The second is Pepero. These long thin sticks of biscuit are covered in chocolate. Their original flavor is almond, er yum yum! 

But they also have other unique flavors, including white chocolate, nude green tea, and peanut butter.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Asian Candy?

My favorite place to buy Asian candy is Amazon. There are some great websites out there that sell Asian candy as well. You will even find oriental stores that stock these foreign candy gems.


This is where I buy most of my candy, never mind just my Asian candy. There are several main reasons why I use Amazon. Let’s go through them.

Amazon offers a fantastic range of global candy. It’s very difficult to find a candy they don’t sell. 

Not only do they stock a vast array of candies, but they also stock a variety of quantities to be purchased for most candies.

Another great advantage of using Amazon is the ability to purchase in bulk. Grocery stores and oriental stores may be convenient for urgent purchases, but they can’t compete with 

Amazon when it comes to bulk buying.

Amazon is also very fast when it comes to delivery. It’s part of the reason they’ve become so successful.

One misconception about purchasing perishable goods from Amazon is that they won’t arrive fresh. Let me tell you from experience that this is not the case.

Amazon isn’t just storing their Asian candy anywhere. It will be stored at a warehouse in conditions that maintain its freshness. So when it gets to your door, the candy will still taste amazing.

And finally, Amazon is the online eCommerce store for a reason.

Sellers are regulated by Amazon’s strict policies, so you can ensure you are buying from reputable sellers and verified merchants!

Click here to head over to Amazon and see the expansive list of Asian Candy.

Other Websites and Stores

There are many places online where you can purchase Asian candy.

You are looking for specialist eCommerce Asian stores, or even online candy stores that will ship to you.

At the same time, many oriental stores in towns and cities across the country could stock the Asian candy you are after.

If you’re traveling to one nearby, it might be worth calling ahead to see if they have the candy you want in stock.


So there you have it. You can now explore a whole new continent of candy.

As you have seen today, there are plenty of unique brands out there to enjoy, from India all the way to Japan.

Amazon gets my recommendation when it comes to choosing your tour guide or the candy of Asia.

Happy candy traveling!