Are Yogos Discontinued?

Did you used to love Yogos? Have you not seen them on store shelves for a while? Perhaps you are just interested in having them again. But can you? Well, here is what you are going to need to know.

So, are Yogos Discontinued? Yogos are discontinued, back in 2010. The reason for this is not publicly known, though it is likely that the manufacturer, Kellogg’s, did so to focus on other snack brands in their portfolio.

These were certainly delicious yogurt-covered fruit snacks.

They were sweet, and as they were based on fruit and yogurt, they were quite a nice treat – not too naughty!

They ere great for lunchboxes, too! That’s where I remember them from!

But why would Kellogg’s decide to end a product that were only ever available for five years, and that approved to be incredibly popular?

Let’s find out.

Why Were Yogos Discontinued?

Yogos were likely discontinued as a result of not enough demand, in response to a change in consumer trends, to focus on other products or for supply-chain or ingredient sourcing issues, among many other possibilities.

Not Enough Demand

You loved them.

I loved them.

But let’s be honest, we don’t know how well they were loved, in general.

At least at the point where the decision was made to discontinue them.

Chances are, sales figures for this particular product did not meet the companies forecasts.

Now, apparently sales figures were solid in 2006 and 2007, but they could have plummeted in 2008 and 2009.

Or it could be that they were just not selling as much as other products in their portfolio.

Change In Consumer Trends

Back in 2005, yogurt-coated snacks were quite a big thing.

As were a lot of fruit-based snacks, in general.

Though with time, consumer trends have definitely changed.

Some consumers are a lot more conscious of nutrition these days, and while they were based on fruit and yogurt, Yogos did have a lot of sugar…

So it could be that Kellogg’s were mindful of developments here and stopped production accordingly.

I must admit I haven’t seen these kind of snacks available for some time.

To Focus On Other Products

Kellog’s are a huge brand with countless products in their portfolio.

Similar snacks they sell include the likes of Fruit Winders and Squares.

It could very well be that Yogos were shut down to focus more resources on these other high-flying brands.

For Reasons We Don’t Know

There are of course, a lot of potential reasons that we will never know that could be behind Kellogg’s discontinuing their product.

It could be the result of supply chain issues, ingredient sourcing issues, or just business challenges in general.

Will Kellogg’s Ever Bring Yogos Back?

At present, it does not appear thar Kellogg’s will ever bring Yogos back.

Even despite petitions being raised, and having over 17k signatures (at time of writing), Kellogg’s have continuously publicly announced they have no intentions to relaunch the product.

First in 2016:

And again, another Twitter user in 2018:

In fact, just search Twitter for Kellogg’s Yogos and there are a lot of tweets over the years from former customers demanding them back.

Still, Kellogg’s have either not responded or shot them down every time.

So it doesn’t look like Yogos will return.

Never say never, but it does seem very unlikely at this point.

Alternatives To Yogos

So what can we do?

Well, it’s not the news you wanted to hear but you could try a similar yogurt-coated fruit snack instead.

My favorites are below:

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

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Happy Baby Organics Yogis

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