Are Runts Candy Discontinued?

Runts candy – the iconic, simple, colorful fruit-shaped crunchy candy you used to find in candy dispenser machines. You know the ones I mean, right? The ones where you put 20 cents in and receive a handful of bananas, oranges, and apples (among a few others) once you’ve turned the mechanism? Yeah, those ones. But with candy dispenser machines falling by the wayside, it’s only natural to question whether these candies are still made and whether you can still get them. Today, we’re going to find out. So let’s get started!

So, are Runts candy discontinued? Runts candy are not discontinued, though they are not as readily available as they once were. Since being first manufactured in 1982, they have changed, and some flavors have been discontinued. However, Runts are still available at certain stores and online candy specialists.

Runts Candy

Best Place To Still Buy Runts Candy

Just want to know where to still get Runts Candy?

This is hands-down the best online store to do so:

Great news, isn’t it?

So let’s delve deeper into where you can get them. And if for whatever reason you couldn’t, look at some alternatives you could try instead.

Do They Still Make Runts Candy?

They do still make Runts candy, and they have done so since 1982. Along the way, Runts have adapted and evolved, with some colors being discontinued and then recontinued and then discontinued along the way. 

Runts candy has an interesting history. Let’s take a deeper look into it so we can discover why there is some confusion surrounding whether or not Runts have been discontinued or not.

Runts candy was first made available to candy lovers in 1982 by their creators, the renowned candy-making company Nestle.

They were incredibly popular even back then.

They owed their popularity to their tasty flavors, fun aesthetic, and enjoyable textures.

But they were also given a popularity boost by being part of the Willy Wonka lineup of candies.

Yes, that’s right. Willy Wonka made Runts whilst he worked at Nestle…

Seriously though, Runts were adored. Even when the Willy Wonka lineup fell away, Runts continued to thrive, bringing in high sales for Nestle.

Now Runts have seen their nature change throughout the course of their existence. 

As you might remember, Runts were and are shaped like the fruits that they were supposed to taste like.

They originally came in banana, cherry, green apple, orange, and strawberry flavors. They all had colorful and tasty centers. 

But that was back in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, they evolved or devolved depending on your preference so that they no longer had flavored and colorful, and tasty centers.

The flavor range was also mixed up, with them coming in either banana, blue raspberry, cherry, orange, strawberry, and watermelon flavors. 

But then, in 2007, they changed again with the flavor lineup changing to banana, pineapple, mango, orange, and strawberry.

In 2017, Runts changed to how we see them today.

They now come in banana, green apple, grape, orange, and strawberry flavors in each purchased box. They’re also much shinier and vibrantly colored than they were back in the 80s, 90s, and even 00s.

So, based on this brief history of Runts, you could actually argue that some of them have been discontinued as their flavors are no longer available. 

You could say that only banana, green apple, grape, orange, and strawberry flavored Runts have not been discontinued. 

But in answer to the question, no, Runts have not been discontinued. They are still around; it’s just that they might not have the flavors you once enjoyed in past decades. 

It is worth noting that Runts created a subline of products called Chewy Runts.

However, these were discontinued due to low sales.

So that’s another reason for why you might have believed that Runts had been discontinued. 

Where Can You Still Get Runts Candy?

You can still get Runts candy from OldTimeCandy, Amazon, and other selected retailers, both online and in-store.

So, you don’t have to worry about never enjoying some Runts again.

With that being said, you might find it difficult to get Runts compared to the past.

Fortunately, yours truly knows the best places out there to purchase some Runts candy.

Let’s explore some of the most convenient sellers of Runts candy out there.

Of course, you can get Runts candy here. After all, does what it says in its name. 

OldTimeCandy strives to obtain and distribute the best candies from the past, often the most obscure ones. 

Even if a candy isn’t as widely sold as it used to be, so long as it’s popular and from the past, there’s a good chance OldTimeCandy will stock it.

And in the case of Runts, this remains true.

What I love about OldTimeCandy is you can either buy the smaller theatre boxes or bulk bags 3lb or even a 30 lb case!


We all know what Amazon are about. They sell just about everything and anything. Not excluding candy. 

Amazon also stocks Runts on their website. 

Why might you buy your Runts from Amazon? Well, it’s what I do.

Why do I do it? There are several reasons.

For a start, I can acquire great bulk buys of all my favorite candies at excellent money-saving prices using Amazon.

I can also get my candies delivered to my door quickly and freshly, as Amazon are exceptionally competent in this area.

Finally, Amazon’s strict policies mean that you can only buy Runts and other candy from reputable sellers and verified merchants!

Other Stores

Now it is true that Runts aren’t as accessible as they used to be. 

But with a lengthy google and a trip to the right store, you’ll still find Runts available for purchase.

Other Candies Like Runts Candy If You Can’t Get Them

Similar candies to Runts include SweeTarts, Nerds, Fruit Blast Mix, and Bananarama Banana.

So Runts may not be as widely accessible as they once were, but at least they are still accessible. 

For whatever reason, you might find it difficult to get your hands on some when that craving hits.

You might be sitting at your desk, struggling to find some online.

You might be in a store, struggling to spot some on a shelf.

Whatever your situation, don’t panic, as there are some other great alternative candies out there to substitute in for the absent Runts.

Below is a small list consisting of some of the best candies out there that are similar to Runts.


In terms of texture, you might not find a candy more similar to Runts than SweeTarts. 

Runts have a hard shell on their outside with a center of compressed dextrose. SweeTarts have a similar construction which is why they have such a comparably similar texture.

SweeTarts taste a bit more different, though, and each pack contains a slightly diverse array of flavors compared to Runts.


We all know Nerds. Another old candy that has rivaled Runts in this candy category for decades. 

Nerds have a more tangy taste and are also smaller than Runts. They are, however, still nice and crunchy, and absolutely delicious. 

With a box of Runts, you’ll get all of the flavors that they are continuing to manufacture.

With Nerds, it’s a little different. Each box only contains two flavors from their range that are supposed to taste nice when eaten together.

The different Nerds flavor combinations include:

  • Grape & Strawberry
  • Raspberry N Tropical Punch
  • Peach N Wild Berry
  • Melon N Cherry

Bulk Candy Store’s Fruit Blast Mix

Listen, there are plenty of fruit blast mixes out there that are similar to Runts candy. 

The problem is that many of them aren’t very enjoyable. 

Luckily, I know a special fruit blast that will really satisfy your craving for some Runts candy, or at least some candy that is similar to Runts.

And that is the Bulk Candy Store’s very own Fruit Blast Mix.

They, too, are vibrant colored, deliciously tasty, and constructed as fun shapes that make them perfect for use in candy dispensers or as treats at a kids party…or an adult’s party.

We like to have fun as well, don’t we?

You can purchase this Fruit Blast Mix directly from Bulk Candy Store’s website!

Bananarama Banana 

Sure, these famous candies are not as versatile as Runts. 

I mean, they’re all banana flavored. They’re all banana-shaped. They’re all banana colored. But even still, they are very similar to Runts candy in terms of their nature, especially their texture.

You’ll find these are particularly similar to the Runts’ banana candies.


Whilst they may be a simple candy, it’s a testament to their existence that they’ve managed to survive all these decades with new innovative candies hitting the market each year.

So, don’t count Runts candy out of it just yet!

They’re still delicious. They’re still crunchy. And they’re still around you to buy!

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