Are Midget Gems Vegetarian?

Are you a vegetarian wondering what sweets you can safely consume? Perhaps you’ve seen a packet of Midget Gems and are wondering about them specifically. Well you’ll be pleased you ran this search and landed here today. Here is why.

So, are Midget Gems vegetarian? Midget gems are generally not vegetarian. This includes the popular Maynards product, along with many other independent brands. However, there are some “free-from” midget gem brands that were created with vegetarians in mind.

Likely not what you were hoping to discover.

But these sweets are not off the table entirely.

It does just mean searching out and finding those vegetarian friendly brands.

They are out there; but they’re just not as common.

But why are these sweets not suitable? Let’s explore why!

Why Are Midget Gems Not Vegetarian?

Midget gems are typically not vegetarian as most brands and manufacturers include gelatin (either pork or beef), in their recipes.

Now chances are you know you need to steer clear of that already.

But if you dont; I’ll quickly summarize why you are going to want to.

Gelatin is derived from animals.

In fact, it’s derived from the skin, bones, ligaments, joints and connective tissue.

And it actually requires the death of an animal, namely pigs or cows – to create it.

But why would they use such a thing I hear you ask.

Well, gelatin provides the texture – the cheapness and harder nature these sweets are renowned for.

It gives them the denser consistency – it is a flavorless thickening agent, after all.

Non Vegetarian Midget Gem Brands

  • Maynards Midget Gems
  • Lions Midget Gens
  • Berrymans Midget Gems
  • Sainsbury’s Midget Gem Sweets
  • M&S Mini Gems – rebranded from midget gems,
  • Asda Midget Gems.

Most of these you were likely considering, right?

Especially the major product in the space Maynards is out of the question.

Even those supermarket alternatives are a no go too!

Vegetarian Midget Gem Brands

The most popular vegetarian-friendly midget gem product is produced by Free From Fellows. Called ‘Free-From Midget Gems’ they are made without gelatin making them a suitable option for vegetarians.

There not so easy to find, but a few retailers do stock them.

You can always get them online, too, or shop at speciality retailers/online stores.

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