Are Midget Gems Vegan?

Are you living a vegan lifestyle? Are you wondering whether you can consume midget gem sweets? Well, you’ll be pleased you ran this search and stopped by. Here is why.

So, are midget gems vegan? Midget gems are typically non-vegan. This includes the popular Maynards product, along with many other independent brands. That being said, there are some “free-from” midget gems that are designed to be vegan-friendly and can be consumed.

For the most part, and generally speaking, these are not sweets that you are going to be able to consume.

It is a good idea to generally look for other types of sweets suitable for vegans – unless you can find a “free-from” version easily.

But why are they not? Let’s find out!

Why Are Midget Gems Not Vegan?

Midget gems are mostly not vegan as they often contain gelatin (either pork or beef), along with other ingredients such as Carnauba Wax.

Either one of these ingredients makes them unsuitable – and you’ll often find gelatin in the recipe.

It’s what gives these sweets their harder texture and binds them together.

But it is from the skin, bones, ligaments, and joints of animals – so as you can imagine, it’s entirely off-limits.

While Carnauba Wax is technically a plant, there is a lot of exploitation that goes on in its production making it again, unsuitable for this kind of lifestyle.

Non-Vegan Midget Gem Brands

  • Maynards Midget Gems
  • Lions Midget Gens
  • Berrymans Midget Gems
  • Sainsbury’s Midget Gem Sweets
  • M&S Mini Gems – rebranded from midget gems,
  • Asda Midget Gems

So as you can see, it includes some of the major brands and those larger supermarket chain products too!

Vegan Midget Gem Brands

The most popular vegan-friendly midget gem product is produced by Free From Fellows. Called ‘Free-From Midget Gems’ they are made without gelatin making them a suitable option for vegans.

That being said, they are also made without sugar – instead being sweetened by Maltitol Syrup. So, do not expect an exact replacement here!


Do midget gems have gelatin?

Most brands of midget gems do have gelatin – including the popular Maynards product. There are only a few that do not.

Are midget gems dairy-free?

Midget gems are generally dairy-free.

Do midget gems contain gluten?

Midget gems do not generally contain gluten.

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