Are Maoam Vegan?

If you’ve recently embarked on a vegan lifestyle, you may be looking for candy that you can still eat. What about Maoam specifically? Are these fruity chews suitable for vegans? Well, here is all you are going to want to know.

So, are Maoams vegan? Maoams are not vegan. This is true for Maoam stripes, Joystixx, and Pinballs. This is because Haribo (the manufacturer) use both Gelatin and Palm fat as ingredients in all three products.

So, unfortunately, Maoam sweets are not suitable for vegans.

It is a shame, but you’d rather know now, right?

Let us look more closely at why.

Why Are Maoam Not Vegan?

Maoams are not vegan due to the presence of both gelatin and Palm fat.

Now, each of which is directly involved in the harm of animals.

For gelatin specifically. Well, this is derived from animal bones, skin, joints, and tendons.

It actually requires the death of an animal to be made and used.

In the case of Maoam, they use pig gelatin.

Nevertheless, it makes these treats non-vegan.

But there’s another ingredient too.

And that’s palm fat.

This is derived from palm trees.

Now while this is a naturally growing plant and while palm is naturally vegan in its natural form- it is considered non-vegan due to the means by which these trees are grown and produced.

Intensive farming of Palm Trees has resulted in deforestation along with harm and exploitation to both humans and animals.

What Haribo Sweets Are Vegan?

Unfortunately, most products made by Haribo are not vegan.

That being said, there are a few naturally vegan-friendly options to consider in place of Maoams!

The main ones are:

  • Haribo Rainbow Spaghetti
  • HariboRainbow Strips Zing
  • HariboRainbow Twists (Sour)
  • Haribo Soft Jelly Bear


Do Maoam sweets have gelatin?

Maoam sweets do have gelatin.

What type of gelatine does Maoam have?

The type of gelatine in Maoam is pig gelatine.

Does Maoams contain pork gelatin?

Maoams contain pork gelatin.

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