Are Fruittella Vegan?

Are you searching for some vegan-friendly treats? Are you wondering whether Fruittella could be the ones to get? Well, thankfully, you ran this search and landed here today. This is why.

So, are Fruittella vegan? Most Fruittella products are not vegan. This includes the chew and stix products. This is because they contain gelatin in them, an ingredient derived from animals. The only exceptions are Fruitella Koalas, Fruitella Sour Snakes, Fruitella Sour Hippos, and Fruitella Koalas, all of which are gelatin-free and therefore vegan-friendly.

Interestingly, Fruittella Koalas and Fruitella Sour Snakes were actually created and launched with vegans in mind.

These gelatine-free soft candies were a direct response to the huge demand for vegan treats and entered the market in 2019.

In fact, you should actually notice on product packaging that they carry the Vegan Approved logo.

So, if you are looking for vegan-friendly sweets, do certainly give them a try.

Besides, they come in a mix of flavors, with the Koalas including lemon, pineapple, and raspberry whereas snakes come in tropical, lemon, apple, and raspberry!


Is Fruittella vegan friendly?

Fruitella products are mostly not vegan-friendly.

Are Fruittella sticks vegan?

Fruitella Stixx are not vegan; they contain gelatine.

Do Fruittella have gelatine in them?

The majority of Fruittella products have gelatine in them. The only exceptions are Fruittella Koalas and Sour Snakes.

Does Fruittella contain egg?

Fruittella products do not contain egg.

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