Are Drumstick Sweets Vegan?

Are you looking for vegan-friendly sweets? Wondering about the iconic milk and raspberry flavored Drumsticks? Well, there is an important distinction. This is what you need to know.

So, are drumstick sweets vegan? Some Drumstick products are vegan, but not all. Drumstick lollies and Squashies are not vegan because they contain gelatin, palm oil, and carnauba wax respectively. Drumstick chew bars (both the original and bubblegum flavors) and Drumstick Choose are vegan, however, because they do not contain such ingredients.

Some good and bad news.

Especially if you are fond of the lollies and used to eat them before you moved to a vegan lifestyle.

That being said, you can still enjoy the taste, texture, and flavor; just be sure to opt for the chew bars or the Choos!

Besides, the manufacturer behind the brand, Swizzles, actually launched the chew bars and Choos in response to demand and the rise in veganism.

In a 2019 statement, the company said:

“All our chew bars big and small are now vegetarian and vegan-friendly! There are 7.8m people avoiding meat products in the UK and we don’t want anyone to miss out. To advertise this the packaging of all our chew bars will be updated to be clearly flashed with the Vegan icon.”

Whether or not the other products in the drumstick range follow suit, well that is still not known!

Other Vegan-Friendly Sweets Made By Swizzles

Swizzles have introduced a number of other vegan-friendly sweets alongside their Drumstick Chew bars and Drumstick Choos. These are:

  • Love Hearts,
  • Parma Violets,
  • Rainbow Drops,
  • Fruity Pops,
  • Super Baby Bottles,
  • Candy Whistles,
  • Flic N Lic
  • Double Lollies.


Can vegans eat Drumstick Squashies?

Vegans cannot eat Drumstick Squashies. They contain gelatine, palm oil, and carnauba wax, all of which make them unsuitable.

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